For 35 years we’ve cultivated a large produce garden at Old Town Farm.  Our extended Albuquerque family was always the beneficiary of the many fruits and vegetables coming out of the garden, but  several years ago we decided to expand.   With an enthusiastic reception from the neighborhoods around us, (Old Town, West Old Town, Duranes, Sawmill and The Country Club), OTF began providing weekly baskets of produce for pick up or delivery.   In addition to selling on Saturdays at the Downtown Growers Market, OTF also offers produce for sale at the farm on Friday mornings and then again on Sunday mornings, (for bike-in customers).  We call it Point & Pick… You point out what you want and we pick it.  It doesn’t get any fresher than that!

Also this year:  Flowers!  Eggs!  Honey!  Oh My!