March At OTF

Spring at last!  Maybe not officially, but that first little crocus popping up, the crane headed north and Lanny turning the fountains on…that’s all we need to feel spring in the air!


There is so much going on at Old Town Farm right now it’s hard to know where to begin.  Construction projects are underway everywhere you look.



A second hoop house is going up immediately south of the first hoop house.  (That’s Lanny on the lift).  This will allow us to grow even more fabulous produce earlier, (and later), in the season.


A new roof for the red barnhas been completed and now the inside of the barn is being renovated to become a very large, (very rustic), event space.  (That’s Lanny on the roof).



New bathrooms are  underway for our Bike In Coffee customers.                                                                                                              (We can only hope they’re completed by the time we open on March 16)!



The walk-in cooler is getting a face lift and a new roof.  (Lanny’s handy work).



And a project we’re very excited about is getting underway soon but we’re not sure what to call it….It’s going to be a large, rustic shelter where coffee drinkers and guests can get out of the weather, (read wind), and play games, (ping pong, darts, cards, etc…),  or, in the colder months, sit around a roaring fire.  Kind of a ramada.  That’s it!  It’s a RAMADA!

Now…if we could just find something to occupy Lanny’s time….

There’s much more happening on the farm.  Stay tuned for updates.