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March At OTF

Spring at last!  Maybe not officially, but that first little crocus popping up, the crane headed north and Lanny turning the fountains on…that’s all we need to feel spring in the air!


There is so much going on at Old Town Farm right now it’s hard to know where to begin.  Construction projects are underway everywhere you look.



A second hoop house is going up immediately south of the first hoop house.  (That’s Lanny on the lift).  This will allow us to grow even more fabulous produce earlier, (and later), in the season.


A new roof for the red barnhas been completed and now the inside of the barn is being renovated to become a very large, (very rustic), event space.  (That’s Lanny on the roof).



New bathrooms are  underway for our Bike In Coffee customers.                                                                                                              (We can only hope they’re completed by the time we open on March 16)!



The walk-in cooler is getting a face lift and a new roof.  (Lanny’s handy work).



And a project we’re very excited about is getting underway soon but we’re not sure what to call it….It’s going to be a large, rustic shelter where coffee drinkers and guests can get out of the weather, (read wind), and play games, (ping pong, darts, cards, etc…),  or, in the colder months, sit around a roaring fire.  Kind of a ramada.  That’s it!  It’s a RAMADA!

Now…if we could just find something to occupy Lanny’s time….

There’s much more happening on the farm.  Stay tuned for updates.

November at OTF

The cottonwoods have been absolutely electric-gold this fall.  And if that’s not enough, throw in all the pink leaves and blue berries of the Virginia Creeper and it’s almost too heart stopping to take it all in.   Walking around the farm, or biking through the bosque,  it’s easy to believe we live in the most beautiful place in the world.  It was that kind of day Sunday for Bike In Coffee.  It started off very cold, (29-degrees), but two fire pits quickly became the hub for cyclists sipping on hot coffee or soup and the morning began melting into a beautiful warm day.


Once again, Lael & Nicholas took over the kitchen and came up with some wonderful additions to the menu.  “Puff Babies”, crisp little tarts filled with Old Town Farm jams, hit the spot.  Later in the day when the sun had warmed us all,  an improvised salad made from 6 different garden greens, daikon and onions was a crispy, cool refreshment.


Again, our thanks go out to The BikeSmith.  For those of you who live in this part of town, it’s good to know there’s a good bike shop right in the middle of the neighborhood.  The BikeSmith is located right behind the St. Clair Restaurant on Rio Grande Blvd.  We’re looking forward to working with Rick and Rose, (pictured), as well as Ross on some exciting bike events next spring, (including a night ride)!


It’s looking a little dicey for next Sunday, (Nov 11).  The forecast is calling for snow on Saturday and highs in the 40s on Sunday.  Be sure to check back in with the Old Town Farm homepage on Wednesday.  We’ll know by then if we’ll be open for coffee on Sunday.





Sunday couldn’t have been a more spectacular fall day for a bike ride and bite to eat at Bike in Coffee.  Before reaching a high of 70-degrees, we weathered a brisk morning by wheeling in a mobile fire pit.  The warmth proved to be very popular until the morning sun took over.  Then it was out with the fire pit and in with the fountain, (another favorite place to hang out).

Everyone seems to like the idea of mini-quiche and mini-muffins.  Made from Old Town Farm greens, sweet peppers and green chile, they’re just bite-sized and so easy to eat.  I think we’ll stick with these “babies”.


Many thanks to “The BikeSmith”.  Rick and Ross sent several bicyclists our way including a man visiting from Seattle who especially enjoyed the farm setting for his morning cup of coffee.  Also BIG thanks to Lael and Nicholas who stepped in like real pros and took over the mobile kitchen.  That allowed Lanny and me to get out and pick the produce for the smoothies!

Bike in Coffee is open on Sundays, weather permitting, and it’s looking like it’s going to permit again next Sunday.   Wednesday is the day we check the forecast and make the decision.  Check the website homepage for that information.



October at Old Town Farm

OPEN HOUSE 10/2/12

What a busy month for Old Town Farm!  We started off on October 2nd with an open house for event planners.

The food, provided by Andrea Schulte’s “New Mexico Pie Co”, was not only delicious, every edible item was a work of art.  Her scones with crème freche were the perfect background to showcase six different Old Town Farm jams made from our own fruits.

The table setting, designed by Vicki Newsome’s “Orange September” was a vision in itself.  When Vicki said she was going to dip the ends of bamboo forks in scarlet paint I thought-  what?   But, as you can see, her ideas are always brilliant.



Meanwhile, the balloons have been floating over in blue skies that only seem to exist over New Mexico.  And now,
the cranes are honking down the Rio Grande flyway.  What a gift!



Back on the ground, the Albuquerque Couch Crash – a convocation of global Couch Surfers here for Balloon Fiesta – held a potluck at the farm complete with gourmet selections from Duke City restaurants. Fire pits kept the evening chill at bay while musicians and DJs played and the Surfers danced. Fractal Friday moved to Surfer Saturday with a video lecture on fractals presented by the FractalFoundation. This was the first light show of the night. Later an eye-boggling LED hula hoop happening had everyone back in kidhood.  What fun!




A photo shoot at Old Town Farm by Jones Photography transformed the horse barn into a wedding venue like no other.  A stall became an intimate and elegant dinner setting.



Yesterday a stall…today a dining room…

(the horse was not impressed)



With chandeliers hanging from trees and a wall of candles in the pasture, it was truly a fantasy setting.




Bike In Coffee kicked off in October offering Sunday morning coffee to bicyclists and walk-in customers.  (The bike path comes right past our back gate).   Coffee, espresso along with smoothies, quiche and muffins made from OTF garden produce …. in the garden under azure morning skies with good conversation…what could be better?

Plans are to keep Bike In Coffee open this fall as long as the weather permits.