Sunday couldn’t have been a more spectacular fall day for a bike ride and bite to eat at Bike in Coffee.  Before reaching a high of 70-degrees, we weathered a brisk morning by wheeling in a mobile fire pit.  The warmth proved to be very popular until the morning sun took over.  Then it was out with the fire pit and in with the fountain, (another favorite place to hang out).

Everyone seems to like the idea of mini-quiche and mini-muffins.  Made from Old Town Farm greens, sweet peppers and green chile, they’re just bite-sized and so easy to eat.  I think we’ll stick with these “babies”.


Many thanks to “The BikeSmith”.  Rick and Ross sent several bicyclists our way including a man visiting from Seattle who especially enjoyed the farm setting for his morning cup of coffee.  Also BIG thanks to Lael and Nicholas who stepped in like real pros and took over the mobile kitchen.  That allowed Lanny and me to get out and pick the produce for the smoothies!

Bike in Coffee is open on Sundays, weather permitting, and it’s looking like it’s going to permit again next Sunday.   Wednesday is the day we check the forecast and make the decision.  Check the website homepage for that information.